Why ADS Forensics?

What Sets ADS Forensics Above the Rest?

We Give You Local Options.

ADS Forensics is a boutique forensic accounting and litigation support firm with local experts serving law firms and insurers across Ontario and Canada.

We Give You Expertise.

Our team has decades of experience in forensic accounting and litigation support. Further, various team members hold specialized designations such as Chartered Business Valuator (CBV), Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF), Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP), and National Expert Witness Academy Certificate (The Advocates’ Society). Our experts are committed to providing clients with industry-specific expertise, an unparalleled client experience, and value-added services through innovation. 

We Give You Personalized Services.

Our boutique firm works with a small number of select clients at a time so that we can give you our absolute focus. Our full range of solutions set us apart from traditional offerings with an emphasis on consistent client-friendly service, personal attention, follow through, quick turnaround, and providing unprecedented value. For particularly complex cases, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that we’re available for questions and support outside of regular business hours, too.

We Give You Our Name.

Trust is the most important factor in any legal proceeding. ADS Forensics is recognized in Ontario and across Canada as a premier firm: knowledgeable, professional, independent, and trustworthy.

We Give You Our Skills.

Understanding damage quantification is one thing. Communicating often complex financial matters including during court proceedings is quite another. ADS takes complex financial information and breaks it down into easy-to-understand concepts for you, your clients, and the courts.

We Give You Expert Testimony.

The way your financial forensic team performs while giving testimony is crucial to your success. We provide clarity and credibility in our expert witness testimony, including under cross-examination.

We Give You Unbiased Reporting, Whether You Represent the Plaintiff or the Defence.

The courts trust ADS for our unbiased reporting. We provide independent reviews and reports that are factual and accurate, no matter which side of the proceedings you are on. Our concisely written, plain-language reports focus on the relevant issues, leaving the supporting content clearly placed and referenced within attached schedules.

We Give You Support – Even Before You Refer a File

ADS is a resource, not just a service provider. We recognize that you may need guidance even before you refer a file. ADS provides our clients with expert insight either personally or through our online tools and resources. You can rely on our experts to give you the help you need, when you need it.

We Give You Virtual Services.

ADS uses the latest communication tools such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams to provide “face-to-face” meetings for added convenience for our clients. We are always available for in-person meetings as needed.

We Give You Easy-to-Work-With Professionalism.

We are accounting and litigation support experts, but we are also people persons. That’s important when it comes to providing you with friendly, personalized service. And as you know, likeability is also important during expert witness testimony. ADS gives you it all.

We Give You 100% Canadian Services.

Our boutique firm is owned and operated right here in Ontario, working with firms across Canada. With decades of experience in litigation support, we understand exactly what financial information law firms and insurers need to win cases.

Contact ADS and let’s get started on your file.