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Commercial Insurance Claims

Commercial Insurance Claims / Business Interruption

ADS Forensics specializes in the quantification of losses sustained by businesses including:

Business interruption (Loss of Income)
Increase in cost of working
Rental Loss
Stock losses
Extra expenses
Soft cost claims
Employee dishonesty claims
Financial condition reviews
Review and assessment of opposing reports in any of the above areas, including highlighting strengths and weaknesses
Expert witness testimony
Commercial Litigation

…and more. Our expert team provides the commercial loss quantification support services you need to ensure your claims are assessed fairly, accurately, and in a timely manner. Our forensic accountants can assess any situation to provide you and your clients with a clearer idea of the loss situation and financial impacts.

ADS provides a solid foundation to assist you at every step of the claim from an initial assessment to interviews of insureds, analysis of financial documents and performance, sales trend analysis, industry research, and reporting.

We are particularly effective in complex cases in which damages/losses, income, and assets are far from clear including business interruption, dishonesty claims, and identification of irregularities within businesses. We also provide expert critiques of opposing reports, pointing out their strengths and weakness as you build your case. And, if your claim goes to court, we provide concise, easy-to-understand expert witness testimony.

Not only can we find the truth, we can also effectively communicate results in language that is easy for you and your clients. That includes highlighting the most relevant information and discussing the implications in detail. You’ll be better prepared with the key information and considerations you need to resolve your claims in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

ADS Gives You the Edge in Business Interruption Files

ADS can help at every step of your case from initial communication with the insured’s representative to clear, concise reports and expert witness testimony. Our business interruption support team can give you everything you need to strengthen your file for the best possible outcomes.

And, thanks to our reputation for unbiased independent reporting, the courts know ADS to be a respected and trustworthy firm. You’ll have our name and reputation on your side during negotiations and, if necessary, before the courts. Our commitment is to independent reporting.


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