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Accident Benefits

Accident Benefits

At ADS Forensics, our damage quantification experts can provide support in a range of areas including:

Income Replacement Benefits (IRBs), including for employed and self-employed individuals
Interest Calculations
Financial Dependency
Economic Loss for Attendant Care
Incurred Expenses
Present value of future benefits
Support for settlement, examinations, mediation, and arbitration
Critique of opposing expert reports

We specialize in Accident Benefit reports as legislated under the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS). ADS is known for our expertise and performance, even in the most complex cases. We work with law firms (both plaintiff and defence) and insurers to provide trustworthy, independent reports. We are here to assist you in every step of the claim from the initial and on-going assessment of a matter to document requests, calculations, updates, and settlement meetings, case conferences, LAT, or court proceedings.

Accurate Income Loss Calculations, Even in the Most Complex of Cases

Not only do you need a firm that can accurately determine various related calculations using proven methods, you need recognized experts who can communicate those calculations in easy-to-understand language for the tribunal and courts. ADS delivers clear well-articulated conclusions, even when the quantification process becomes complex. Our concise, plain-language reports focus on the relevant issues, fully supported with easy-to-find content in the attached schedules.

Our experts keep up to date on precedent-setting FSCO Arbitration, Licence Appeal Tribunal (LAT) and court decisions to determine how they may affect future benefits payable. Further, our team includes experienced experts who have provided testimony at mediations and arbitrations for both plaintiff and defence clients. We have the expertise to provide sound reasoning for our approach and interpretations of the SABS.

Choose ADS for:

Clear, concise loss reports
Reviewing and assessing opposing reports including highlighting strengths and weaknesses
Providing expert witness testimony
Backing up our findings with clear explanations that withstand cross-examination
Assisting with cross-examination strategies of opposing experts
Standing beside you with our name and our reputation

In short, we provide the high level of litigation services you need, making it easier for you and your clients to win your case.


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